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Warmly celebrate the company's official website new on-line

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Fujian Minhou Folk Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, mainly the production of wooden furniture, wooden wall clock iron, iron wood decorative ornaments, plastic plates, canvas paintings, glass products, and other unique features of home decoration products, products from sales in Europe and America more than thirty countries and regions. The company has now developed into a large-scale plant more than 40,000 square meters handicrafts production base. Has spacious and clean, modern workshops, experienced production team, professional design talent and excellent business backbone, formed a good structure of integrated production and marketing enterprises. We always adhere to market-oriented, in the production process, and actively implement a comprehensive quality assurance system, through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification to ensure effective control of product quality. Three consecutive "national cultural exports of key enterprises", and "cultural exports of key enterprises in Fujian Province," the title of Fuzhou tax credit A-level units, and won several national and provincial-level "contract, keeping promises" and "Minhou County Top ten export enterprises", "Minhou County 'green card' protection of key enterprises" and other awards. The company has a "folk Rueiyuan" own brand trademark is "Fujian focus on fostering and development of international brands," and also the "Fujian Province" and "well-known trademarks in Fuzhou." Fuzhou handicraft industry leader.
The company sincerely welcome overseas business people to come to visit and negotiate business, share business opportunities.
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County,Fuzhou City,Fujian Province,China
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